Two calls open on Electrochemical Conversion and Materials

At the ECCM conference on 21 June 2019 NWO has published two calls on Electrochemical Conversion and Materials (ECCM). For the first call, which falls within the top sectors policy, 5.7 million euros is available; 3.8 million euros is available for the second call, as a thematic programme of the Dutch National Research Agenda. The ECCM research is an important contribution to the energy transition.

Niek Lopes Cardozo, chair of the NWO Domain Science Board and member of the NWO Executive Board, has opened the two calls during the National ECCM conference on 21 June. Both calls give a boost to energy storage and conversion. Together, these calls strengthen the knowledge base of ECCM and encourage both fundamental and applied research. The calls form a response to the recommendations of the National ECCM advisory committee in which the top sectors Chemistry, Energy and HTSM are represented. The NWO call is meant for the creation of tenure track positions and the NWA call focuses on consortium formation.

ECCM Tenure Track Call

The goal of this call is strengthening the research field of Electrochemical Conversion and Materials through the introduction of tenure track positions. Responsible Research and Innovation (MVI) is an integral part of this call for proposals.

ECCM thematic call Dutch National Research Agenda NWA

This call for proposals invites knowledge institutes and other interested parties to participate in research and implementation projects in the area of Storage and Conversion. The consortia will operate on an interdisciplinary basis and cover the entire knowledge chain.