Six positions created in ECCM Tenure Track Call

Six researchers from the Netherlands and abroad will soon start work in a tenure track position in the field of Electrochemical Conversion and Materials (ECCM) at a Dutch host institution. These positions have been filled as part of the Electrochemical Conversion and Materials Tenure Track Call. The six tenure track researchers will also take part in the ECCM MVI Top-Up Call, designed to bring about collaboration with researchers in the humanities and social sciences for the purpose of addressing the societal aspects of innovations resulting from research into Electrochemical Conversion and Materials.


Below the six tenure tracks presented in alphabetical order:


Tenure track #1 | Dr M.A. Altomare, University of Twente
Nanostructured electrodes harness renewable electricity in electrochemical production of chemicals and sustainable waste-water treatment.


Tenure track #2 | Dr A.C. Garcia, University of Amsterdam
An electrifying combination


Tenure track #3 | Dr P.B. Groszewicz, Delft University of Technology
Electroceramic materials for a CO2-free future


Tenure track #4 | Dr L.W. Kiewidt, Wageningen University & Research
Green electricity for green molecules: electrocatalytic upgrading of biomass


Tenure track #5 | Dr R.V. Mom, Leiden University
Zooming in on the hydrogen economy: insights at atomic level with advanced spectroscopy


Tenure track #6 |   Dr M. Pérez-Fortes, Delft University of Technology
Addressing the multi-scale challenge of implementing electrochemical conversion


Check out the NWO-website for more information about the tenure tracks and the ECCM calls.


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