Funding schemes Circular Economy

BioVoice – Innovation & Business Booster Programme
Type of scheme:
The ongoing innovation programme BioVoice started in 2019 and is divided into annual calls of six weeks. In a new call, challenges are published to which SMEs and start-ups can respond. Cross-sectoral approach, valuable process guidance and access to test facilities in the Southwest Netherlands region and access to an innovative network of innovators & large companies. Vouchers of € 10,000 to be spent in the regional ecosystem

NWO Perspectief Call
Type of scheme: subsidy
Perspectief finances research programs that contribute to technological innovation with potential economic impact for the Netherlands. Consortia of researchers, companies and other institutions are challenged to come up with a technologically groundbreaking proposal. 22 million euros is available for the next round, with a maximum of 4 million euros per program. The Knowledge and Innovation Agendas for 4 social themes and key technologies play a central role within Perspectief. Perspectief round 2020/2021 is opened as of 20 July 2020.

NWA/ORC call
Type of scheme: subsidy
Consortia that are interdisciplinary and cover the full breadth of the knowledge chain are invited to submit research proposals that express the broad and innovative character of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA). Proposals should fall within one or more NWA routes and address one or more of the 140 cluster questions. The starting point for this is the Portfolio for Research and Innovation.

Milieu Investering Aftrek en Willekeurige Aftrek (MIA/VAMIL)
Type of scheme: tax
TRL level: high
Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to invest tax-friendly in environmentally friendly techniques? This is possible with the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and the Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (Vamil).

Regeling Groenprojecten
Type of scheme: tax
TRL level: high
Investing or saving green? With the Green Projects Scheme, the government stimulates green investments in the latest developments in environmental technology, the circular economy and sustainable and innovative (construction) projects. This requires collaboration between investors, banks and project managers.

Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energie (SDE++)
Type of scheme: subsidy
TRL level: high
In accordance with the Coalition Agreement, the SDE + will be expanded to SDE ++ in 2020, so that, in addition to sustainable energy, CO2-reducing techniques are also eligible for subsidy. In principle, this also applies to greenhouse gases other than CO2, such as methane. The good elements of the SDE + are retained and it will be possible to achieve the climate target in 2030 cost-efficiently.

MOOI Industrie
Type of scheme: subsidy
TRL level: medium
Does your company invest with a knowledge institution in multi-year mission-driven research and (further) development of circular and / or net climate-neutral products, raw materials and processes? Then you are eligible for a subsidy within the MOOI: Industry theme.

Demonstratie Energie- en Klimaatinnovatie (DEI+) 2020
Type of scheme: subsidy
TRL level: high
Do you want to use less energy in your production process? Do you have an innovative technique that achieves CO2 emission reduction? Do you invest in renewable energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy? Then you can apply for a subsidy for pilot projects and demonstration projects within the DEI + scheme.

Green Deals
Type of scheme: government support
TRL level: medium/high
The Netherlands opts for green growth. Economic growth that takes into account the living environment and sustainable development. With the Green Deal approach, the cabinet is giving space to innovative initiatives from society. It aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

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