Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation & SusChem KETs – Find a call and apply now!

Horizon 2020 offers a multitude of funding opportunities for research and innovation activities through calls for proposals. As recently announced, the European Commission is investing EUR 11 billion in the final year of the Horizon 2020 programme, with focus on new solutions for societal challenges and to drive innovation-led sustainable growth. The SusChem team developed a matrix listing the most relevant to Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Biotech calls, from the Horizon 2020 programme, linking them with the current SusChem priorities and Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).


KETs can be seen as building blocks for advancing Europe and addressing societal and global challenges. This group of technologies includes industrial biotechnology, advanced materials (including nano-structured materials), photonics, and advanced process technologies, with a plethora of applications. In a recently published position paper on Key Enabling Technologies, SusChem describes what can be achieved by KETs and details the major technological developments and initiatives needed to create advanced materials, develop process technologies, and also move towards leveraging digital technologies.


It is precisely with this focus that the SusChem matrix highlights main Horizon 2020 open calls related to: raw materials, energy, process and materials technologies, besides horizontal topics, such as business models, knowledge and skills, sustainability assessment, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.


More information about the calls of Horizon2020? Download the matrix.
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