Biobased chemistry start-ups: build a factory or outsource production

In a circular economy, materials are no longer made from petroleum, but from plants. Innovative technologies are needed to realize this transition. The start-ups that try this often run into financial obstacles in scaling up their technology. The costs of a required demonstration plant run high (tens of millions of euros). This while the end market does not yet exist and the ultimate financial result is therefore uncertain.

The startup Relement BV has developed a strategy together with Invest-NL to remove these obstacles by outsourcing the demonstration first production to a third party. The experience of Relement BV has appeared in a report: “Biobased chemistry start-ups: build a factory or outsource production?”

Download the report on the website of InvestNL
Read the related article with Relement on Change Inc (in Dutch)

Want to know more about the activities of  Relement? Check out the Start-up Stage video:

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