9 March 2021: Masterclass Deal closing with private investors

Business Angels Connect will organize an online Masterclass on deal closing with private investors on 9 March 2021 14.00-16.00 hrs. Specifically for (bio-) chemistry startups and growth companies.

It appears that good preparation makes an important contribution to the success of negotiations and obtaining financing. During the Masterclass, the participant gains insight into what the deal closing process looks like in a process, with concrete tools for optimal preparation.

The following topics are covered by steps in the process to deal closing:
1. How do I prepare to find private investors?
2. Preparation for the introduction and the pitch
3. The introduction and the agreements
4. The business valuation
5. The terms and conditions and the negotiation
6. The term sheet and types of shares
7. The Due Diligence
8. “Closing the deal”
9. Communication

Practical information
The masterclass will be given by René Reijtenbagh – Angel investing expert and  Bernd Mintjes – Private investor.

The Masterclass is aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking for or considering venture capital. At the start of the Masterclass, specific questions will be identified among the participants.

Participation is free for startups and SMEs within the broad chemical sector.

Register via: Register Masterclass (masterclass will be held via Zoom. Zoom link after registration).