9 February 2023: Bioplastics Info, Expo & Networking day

Thursday 9 February from 09.30 – 17.00 hrs CET in Amsterdam.

During this day, organized by Green Serendipity, you can see and feel the latest innovations in the field of biobased materials for packaging and products, but also be informed about sourcing, production techniques, barriers, coatings, recycling, microplastics, etc.

What can you expect

  • What are bioplastics
  • Which bioplastics are there
  • How do bioplastics fit into the circular economy
  • Bioplastics in packaging and products
  • Recycling of bioplastics
  • Composting / fermentation
  • When yes/when not
  • Microplastics, plastic soup, food vs bioplastics
  • Lots of inspiration and examples
  • Hints
  • Q&A

Sign up via info@greenserendipity.nl for more info and time slot.

Please note: participation is only possible after confirmation of registration.

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