6 July 2023: Microplastics & Packaging

Plastic packaging is the world’s largest source of microplastics. Research shows that microplastics are released during the production, processing, use and recycling of plastic packaging and by fragmentation in landfills or by litter. We now also know that recycled plastic unfortunately releases more microplastics than virgin plastic.

What do microplastics mean for our environment and health, but also for future generations? How can we prevent microplastics from packaging? During this event, insights will be given into the state of affairs regarding microplastics through packaging and the role of innovative biobased materials that can be both recyclable and biodegradable without long-term abandonment of microplastics for future generations.

Practical details
Date:  Thursday 6 July 2023
Tijd: 13.00 – 17.00 hrs
Location: Amsterdam (exacte location tbd)
Costs: free participation for startups & SMEs
Registration: send an e-mail with your contact details en KvK number to: info@greenserendipity.nl

Programme and more info on the website of Green Serendipity

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