3&4 December 2020: international MicroNanoConference 2020

Where industry meets science, where problems can find solutions and where trends, challenges and new technologies are highlighted.


The International MicroNanoConference brings together science and industry to showcase how micro- and nanotechnology help addressing our societal challenges: Nano4Society. Like every year, the conference will focus on four sub-themes:


Nano4Health & Life Sciences
Nano4Agri& Food
Nano4Sustainability& Energy


This year, a special focus session will be organized around this year’s fast innovations in Health and how a network of universities and tech companies can help with finding innovative solutions to future challenges These topics are not only applicable to Dutch society, but worldwide. By exchanging ideas and knowledge internationally, we work together to turn the social and economic challenges that we all have into opportunities with the ultimate goal of realizing them.


The conference brings together researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to create a sustainable economic and social value to the society.


More information on the conference website.