3 February 2022: Chem Together by Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam ILCA

Chem Together is the place to meet with professionals from your field of expertise. We like to think of this event as an idea market, a place where you can share and exchange opinions on interesting projects and new trends in Chemistry and Biotech for Sustainability.

First, we will listen to prominent speakers who are driving their efforts and chemical knowledge towards sustainable innovations: Ann-Sophie Farle and Soraya Sluijter. Ann-Sophie is a material scientist who worked for the European Space Agency before joining the team of Skytree, one of the top 5 startups leading the cleantech effort in the NL. Soraya is a chemist and team leader at TNO, where they are developing a transportable pilot demonstrator to produce DME from CO2 and (green) hydrogen, a big step towards the scaling-up of industrial CO2 conversion.

After the presentations, there will be plenty of time to share your comments and have a fruitful debate, divided in small groups to promote a more intimate participation.

To guarantee the safety of all participants, without giving up the occasion to meet and connect, the next Chem Together will be in an online format. Are you looking for stimulating and new ideas, support for your projects, contacts with interesting people? This is the perfect occasion, don’t miss it!

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