29 September 2022: Masterclass CO2-reduction Industry

This autumn, the Platform For Sustainability Industry is organising the Masterclass CO2 Reduction Industry for the fourth consecutive time. In four sessions, the participants will work on making their own business operations more sustainable. Do you want to draw up a CO2 reduction plan for your company? Then this series of masterclasses is interesting for you or perhaps for someone from your network.

You will investigate what the best sustainability options are for your company and you will write a step-by-step plan to actually achieve CO2 reduction. You start with an analysis of the current situation. Then we will discuss various techniques with which your company achieves CO2 reduction. Of the interesting options for your company, we calculate the actual reduction.

We investigate the link with promising and natural transition moments. Attention is also paid to decision-making and you learn how to increase support among colleagues and deal with resistance. During the sessions we present appealing (calculation) examples, realistic cases and action perspectives. In a private network of participants you can spar about ideas and more.

The four masterclasses are scheduled on:

  • Thursday 29 September
  • Tuesday 18 October
  • Thursday 3 November
  • Thursday 17 November

Please note: for participation it is important that you can participate on all dates.

More information and registration on the website of Programma Verduurzaming Industrie.