28 September 2021: Webinar Moonshotproject Plastics Recycling

Plastic made from oil does not exactly contribute to combating climate change. That is why Het Versnellingshuis carried out a Moonshot project to use more plastic recyclate – in this specific case in paint buckets. How exactly does that work? You will discover it during this webinar on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

Case: recycling plastic from paint buckets
Recycling is a good method to prevent the use of plastic from oil. Companies can use plastic recyclate for new products. However, that does not happen automatically. And so Het Versnellinghuis set out to investigate: how can we accelerate the formation of a market for plastic recyclate? Although this varies per product group, the use of plastic recyclate in paint buckets was the starting point. The results and the step-by-step plan that resulted can be applied to many more product groups.

The use of recycled plastics is part of the circular economy policy in the Netherlands. In this online webinar (15.00-17.00CET) you will discover how this fits in with this.

Programme and registration via the Versnellingshuis website.