26 October 2021: Circo Track – Medical disposables

26 october (on location), 9 (online) & 25 November 2021 (on location):
CIRCO Track – Medical disposables

Plastic products and disposables such as syringes, mouth caps, gloves and packaging are widely used in the medical sector. These products provide major benefits in terms of hygiene, protection of healthcare workers, ease of use and costs. Unfortunately, most products have not yet been designed with a view to smart and safe reuse or recycling. This requires new designs and new business models.

In a circular economy, high-quality services are provided and products last as long as possible, only to be reused and recycled. During the CIRCO Track we will work on developing circular business. The Track helps you on your way in a facilitated design process, with knowledge, tools and interaction with other companies and designers. Afterwards you will have developed both a long-term vision and a concrete plan to start tomorrow.

CIRCO offers a development process in collaboration with the NRK Federation, NVOG and the Sustainable Pharmacy Coalition. The aim is to bring chain partners together and, based on their own position and business case, to help them on their way and to gain knowledge of circular entrepreneurship and circular design. In this way, we discover new opportunities together and initiate circular business.

Check out the CIRCO website for more information.