23 November 2020: Don’t waste it! – Solving the dark side of today’s plastic

Plastics are essential for our wellbeing in the present society. Because of their unique properties and mass production possibilities we expect plastics/polymers to remain an important primary material in existing and new applications. But, plastics also has its dark side in terms of environmental exposure and contribution to climate change.


During the webinar “Don’t Waste it!” TNO will showcase which systemic transition is needed to enable the sustainable production and use of circular plastics. TNO will share it’s latest insights into how the dark side of today’s plastic can be mitigated, which stakeholders need to act and what technologies are needed.


Guided by an innovative forecasting method TNO will present what we consider to be 8 must-have solutions in order to retain the positive aspects of today’s plastics and to mitigate the dark side.


Both Industry, government and customers play an important role to enable the success of our approach, ranging from application of a circular systemic design, the development of innovations for high value recyclate to true pricing and transparency about consumer costs.



  • Monday, 23 November 13.00-14.00 hrs
  • This will be an online event, after registration a link will be provided.
  • Interesting for everybody who has an interest in innovation, circularity, plastics solutions, recycling, environment
  • Language: English


More information and registration on the TNO website.