23 February 2023: Focus workshop SensingNL: nitrogen

SensingNL invites you to participate in the theme workshop “Sensing and Nitrogen”. Based on a ‘use case’, SensingNL wants to gain insight into where sensing technology can lead to a breakthrough in the nitrogen dossier.

The ‘use case’ is presented by Remco Suer, development and program manager within OnePlanet Research Center. Remco shares the challenges ahead of us in the short term and longer term. Subsequently, we will explore together in an interactive way what is needed to tackle these nitrogen challenges based on the required transition and the promise of (sensing) technology.

Language of the workshop: Dutch.

The workshop will take place on 23 February from 13:00 to 16:00 in Eindhoven (Walk-in from 12:45).

Holst Centre, High Tech Campus 31, Eindhoven.

Register now! Limited seats available. First come first serve so. The programme will be sent as soon as possible after receipt of your registration.

About SensingNL
SensingNL is the platform that unites, makes available and further develops knowledge about advanced measurement and analysis techniques. SensingNL is a joint initiative of Top Sectors Chemistry, HTSM, ICT, TI-Coast, imec and TNO and aims to realize social missions through the large-scale use of sensing technology.