22 September 2021: Work session Agri Based Chemicals by TKI-BBE

In order to replace fossil raw materials with renewable ones as quickly as possible, TKI-BBE and Green Chemistry, New Economy (GCNE) have written a draft proposal for the Growth Fund (Groeifonds). This proposal indicates where the Dutch government must invest in the coming years in the field of knowledge development and valorisation in order to achieve sustainable production of chemicals and materials.

Think along!
On the work session we present the outlines of the plan. We would like to come to a broadly supported definitive proposal together with the sector. During the parallel sessions you can think along about the opportunities, bottlenecks and solutions and you can indicate how you want to contribute.

The work session is interesting for representatives of the business community, research institutes and governments.

Time: 09.30 – 17.00 CET.
Venue: Antropia, Driebergen-Zeist

Programme and registration on the TKI-BBE website.