22 September 2021: Webinar Recyclable Plastics

22 September 16.00 – 18.00 hours: Webinar Recyclable Plastics organized by KNAW, ARC CBBC and ACTI.

Society faces a major challenge in the field of sustainability. The demand for energy and materials such as plastic is increasing, but CO2 emissions and the amount of waste must be reduced. For this we need to develop better production processes. The speakers in this webinar will highlight the challenges and possible solutions to make more sustainable types of plastic.


  • Welcome and introduction by Bert Weckhuysen, university professor of catalysis, energy and sustainability, Utrecht University
  • Plastics: are they good or bad and what is their place in a sustainable society?
    Ben Feringa, professor of organic chemistry, University of Groningen – Plastics, smart and sustainable
    Future use of polymer-based materials requires new approaches in the design and preparation of plastics such as smart plastics, alternative green raw materials and sustainable production processes. In this lecture some recent developments will be illustrated on the basis of intrinsically recyclable and self-repairing polymers based on supramolecular and dynamic covalent chemistry. Also, a biobased coating from wood waste, based on a clean photochemical process, will be presented as well as prospects for sustainable plastic design.
  • Ina Vollmer, assistant professor in inorganic chemistry and catalysis, Utrecht University – About the carbon transition: Molecular Plastic Recycling

    Plastics are made from petroleum and are basically a concentrated and relatively pure form of carbon that can be used as a raw material instead of being seen as waste. This allows a lot of value to be created and CO2 to be saved. How can we best do this?

  • Tom van Aken, CEO at Avantium – The promise of a new generation of bioplastic materials

    Scale-up companies such as Avantium are developing revolutionary technologies for plastics that are made entirely from vegetable sugars, with improved properties. They also provide solutions to plastic waste problems. What challenges and counter-currents do they face in bringing these kinds of innovations to the market?

  • Panel discussion, moderated by Bert Weckhuysen

The language of the meeting is Dutch. Only Ina Vollmer will speak in English.

More information and registration via the KNAW website.

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