2 November 2021: CIRCO Track – Foil packaging in construction

2 November (on location), 16 November (online) & 30 November 2021 (on Location):
CIRCO Track – Foil packaging in construction

Plastic packaging is used in large quantities in the construction industry, for example in the form of shrink sleeves and stretch wrap films. These packagings provide great benefits for the protection of building materials and offer ease of use at a low cost. The packaging is discarded after one-time use and ends up in residual waste or is exported outside Europe to be recycled there. A lot of value is lost in the chain as a result. This requires new designs and new business models.

Workshop spread over three days
In collaboration with KIDV, Valipac and NRK, CIRCO offers a series of workshops (Track) for construction companies, suppliers and recycling companies to explore and develop the concept of circular packaging together. Valipac has a system in Belgium designed for the separation of shrink sleeves and stretch wrap films on the construction site, including collection and recycling and the use of the recyclate back in shrink sleeves. This will allow us to be inspired and look for joint solutions for the Dutch market.

Why participate?

  • During the (online) CIRCO Track you will discover circular business opportunities together with chain partners and you will develop one into a concrete one
    plan that can be realized in the short term for your company.
  • Discover, for example, solutions for a waste-free construction site, reduce waste management costs, keep materials in open or closed cycles within the Netherlands and learn how to use recycled materials.
  • Chain collaboration makes your ideas smarter and more feasible.

This Track is organized for:

  • Construction companies and contractors
  • Building materials manufacturers and suppliers
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Plastic manufacturers
  • Logistics service providers
  • Collectors, sorters and recyclers of plastic packaging waste
  • With an inspiring group of participants from the chain, we discover new opportunities and initiate circular business.

Check out the CIRCO website for more information.