12 October 2022: VNCI Mini symposium Chemicals

The EU has drawn up the sustainable chemicals strategy. An important part of this is the adaptation of the REACH regulation. In addition to this transition, the chemical industry must also comply with other transitions. How do they deal with the adaptation of REACH and the implementation of the transitions? These questions will be the focus of the MinisymposiumChemicals on Wednesday 12 October 13.30 – 17.00 hrs CET.

Several speakers will discuss the theme. From a government perspective, the business community and civil society, there will be presentations about the commitment to the revision of REACH, the road to the transition with regard to chemicals and other transitions (circular, climate and digitization), and the necessity of these transitions for a safe and healthy living environment.

The Mini symposium Stoffen is organized twice a year by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management together with VNO-NCW, Royal VNCI and WECF. Check out the VNCI website (in Dutch) for more information and registration.